Are You Wanting to Provide Early Learning Experiences for Your Child?

Posted on: 6 June 2019


Even before your little boy or your little girl was born, did you already know that you would want to give him or her experiences that would provide early learning? Maybe you even read poetry and played classical music when you were expecting, with the hope that your unborn child would soak up the beautiful words and music. Now that your baby is preschool age, you are more than likely already giving him or her rich experiences that will develop his or her brain. 

With that in mind, perhaps you are looking for even more ways that you can provide early learning experiences for your child. From taking your child to visit friends who have immigrated to the United States to enrolling your child in a day care program, here are some ideas that might help you.

Learning About Other Cultures

Have you been fortunate enough to have people from foreign countries move into your community? If so, you have probably already extended a hand of friendship and welcome to those new families. Wouldn't it be amazing to have your child learn about how people live in other places? Consider asking your new friends if you can bring your child to their homes so that he or she can hear a new language and can maybe even taste foreign foods that the families eat.

If the families you visit have decorated their homes at least in part with objects they have brought from their native homes, ask them to tell you and your child about those objects. 

​Arrange for Day Care Services

Another idea is to enroll your child in a bilingual day care program. You've probably noticed how children often soak up a new language earlier than adults do. Imagine your little child getting to learn a foreign language from an early age. For example, speaking Spanish in addition to English would open new doors for your little one, wouldn't it? 

In a bilingual day care program, your child will be familiar with English and learn new words too. For instance, the instructor might say "Let's play outside now" and then immediately say "Ahora vamos a jugar afuera." Or, your child might be offered a cookie at break time by being asked if he or she wants a ​galleta. 

Besides learning a new language at a bilingual day care, your child will also be learning how to interact with other children. The bonus is that he or she will be in a safe and happy environment while he or she is learning new things. 

Call a day care service in your area today to learn more.