Tips for Affording the High Cost of Private Schools

Posted on: 9 October 2015


If you would like to send your child to a private school but are afraid of the cost, then you might want to keep reading. With the following tips in mind, you should be able to find a great private school for your child without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Ask about Payment Plans

Should you find that coming up with an entire years' worth of tuition all at once is simply not possible for you, you might want to ask about payment plans. There are some private schools that will take the amount of your tuition and break it up over the course of the school year, leaving just the summer months without any payments due. Then again, you might luck out and find a school that will break up the payments over the course of a full twelve months. While the total cost of the private school tuition is still present, it can be made a little more affordable for many families if they are able to take advantage of payment plans.

Inquire about School Scholarships

There are two different types of scholarships: ones that are government or state funded and ones that are privately funded. Those are generally given through churches, communities, private parties, or even the private schools themselves. The requirements for qualifying for such scholarships will vary depending on who set it up and what their specific rules are. You can talk with the school administration office. They may have a lot of information on various local scholarships and how you can apply for them on behalf of your child.

Ask about Working Off Some of the Cost

Even if you qualify for a scholarship and a payment plan for whatever part of the tuition is still your responsibility, you might ask if it is possible to work off some of the debt. For example, do you live in a region that gets a lot of snow? If so, and if you have a personal snow plow that you can attach to your truck, you can offer to be in charge of keeping the school grounds clear during the winter. You could offer to help in the kitchen during lunch or sweep up outside every day after school. The idea is to come to an agreement that allows you to work for the school in exchange for getting a break on the cost of your child's tuition.

With those few ideas in mind, you should have no trouble coming up with some way to better afford the high cost of private school tuition.