The Head Start Program: 2 Questions Parents May Need Answered

Posted on: 15 September 2015


The quality of education that your child receives is of critical importance to ensure that they have access to ample opportunities in life. Unfortunately, there are many parents that are not well aware of the various programs designed to help foster academic success for children. For instance, Head Start is a national program designed to help children have the best chance for academic success. Being unfamiliar with this program may cause you to miss out on its benefits. Read on to learn more about this program, or talk with with a place like Child Focus Inc for more information.

Can Any Family Use Head Start Services?

There are many families that struggle to pay for child care. However, these are exactly the families that Head Start was created to help. This is a government funded daycare program that is modeled to help low-income families have access to quality education facilities for their young children. 

The requirements for participating in these programs are based on a family's income relative to the national poverty level. Interestingly, families that earn more than the poverty income may still qualify for this type of program if they can demonstrate substantial financial hardships that they are facing. 

What Should You Expect During The Required Home Visits?

As part of participating in this program, you will be required to have a home visit with a teacher on a regular basis. There are many parents that may feel stressed around these visits, but they shouldn't; these visits are often just for the teachers to get to know the family more. During the first year teachers may visit more, but only two visits are required per school year. These visits are generally 30 to 90 minutes long.

During these visits, the teacher will be interested in learning more about the child's interests, daily activities, and home environment. The purpose of this is to help parents foster a stimulating and engaging home environment to complement the child's activities in the program. This will help ensure that the child is receiving the best quality education for their age.

Enrolling your child in Head Start can be an excellent way of giving them an advantage in school. Considering the competitive nature of college admissions and the importance of a quality education, this program is invaluable to families facing financial hardships. Understanding what to expect during the home visit and understanding that financially limited families can participate in these programs will help you decide if this is the right path for your family.