Three Keys To Smoothing The Transition To Daycare

Posted on: 31 August 2015


In order to help your child to grow and progress, there will likely come a time in which you will need to send them to daycare services. If you want to be sure that your child is able to adjust to the daycare, there are some critical steps that you should take. With this in the back of your head, read this guide and follow these tips so that you can bridge the gap and send your child to daycare with full confidence. 

Have A Plan To Get Ready And Leave Every Morning

The best strategy to streamline the process of sending your child to daycare is to make sure that every morning you leave plenty of preparation time. This means setting the alarm for everyone in the household and having a plan for preparing meals, getting dressed and making sure you are able to get to the first day at daycare on time. Rushing will only exacerbate the already stressful transition. For this reason, make sure that everyone in the family is on board.

Ease Your Child Into The Routine By Accompanying Them

Your child does not have to go through their first few days of daycare alone. Most childcare services facilities suggest that parents show up for at least part of the day on the first day or two. This lessens your child's anxiety and gives them the opportunity to explore their new surroundings, knowing that you are there with them initially. From here, your child will be able to move forward and grow accustomed to the change. This will reduce the tears and stress and will also give parents the peace of mind that they need to know their child is in a safe environment.

Pay The Daycare A Personal Visit

The best thing you can do overall to retain peace of mind for the entire household is to visit the daycare yourself. For best results, you should show up to the daycare without a scheduled appointment, so that you know how the facility operates when not expecting your visit. This way, you'll be able to gauge cleanliness, structure, attention and overall interaction between staff and children. Feeling good about the daycare center that you drop your child off to is half the battle during this transition.

Consider these points so that your child's transition to daycare is as smooth as possible. If you have any further questions, touch base with a child care services facility.